going on Jihad

I'm back!

TERRORISM RULES!!! Sorry I havent posted in a while everyone. I've been off at camp in Pakistan for the last couple of years. Occasionally went over to afghanistan, but its tough to find a cave with good internet connectivity reception. the major cell phone carriers dont exactly have 3G out there you know.
Osama Wants You!

alla be with you, and the martyrs of this day.

of all the fuckups. brother ali set the timers all wrong. all of those bombs that went off in london were supposed to turn 10 downing street to rumble. instead the morons blew up in transit on the allah-damned tube. one of the brothers missed his tube and got on a bus. why does there always have to be one chronic complete fuckup in every terrorist cell?!!!

aargh the frustration! at least the infidels think we did it on purpose.
Osama Wants You!

Allah Akhbar! Martyrs Unite in Jihad!

This inaugurates the Journal of the greatest terrorist who ever lived...Sheikh Yarbouti

Allah be with you!

See here the crimes of the Infidel Occupier in Iraq

You'll get yours Infidels. How dare you decorate that prisoner with kitschy little ornaments and christmas themes. You shall pay. I vow revenge. Jihad Jihad Jihad!!!

Merry Dissmas Infidels